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Guangzhou Baiyun District of Huangshi CityJane Lok leisure spa spa equipment firm is a integration of production, sauna stoves, steam engine swimming pool filtration equipment, steam room, dry steam room, light room, khan steam room manufacturers; Surf business sauna swimming pool with all kinds of water pump, circulating pump, pool cleaning supplies, computer steam room; Steam, sauna, swimming pool equipment; Air source heat pump, outdoor, furniture; Professional design, build all kinds of sauna, steam bath, swimming pool and SPA water treatment engineering. The company combines design, development, production, sales, installation and after-sale as one of professional manufacture, science and technology enterprises.

Company to provide comprehensive technical consulting, planning, engineering design, equipment supply, installation, after-sales maintenance, and equipment operation, personnel training of one-stop service. In terms of technology research and development and the innovation ability, our company has engaged in more than a decade sauna spa engineering design personnel and domestic leading technology of electronic design engineer. Has an experienced professional installation, maintenance engineering team.

Jane happy company with high quality equipment, strong technical force and perfect after-sales service, adhering to the "honest and trustworthy, service sales, small profits" business philosophy. During the course of business in the future, and strive to "scientific design, product individuation, functional diversity" competitive advantage; Perfect the merchants, peers and users in the "good" corporate image. Efforts to establish "good faith management" the good word of mouth; I company will unswervingly, try my best to the needs of customers, for customers to create products advantage, price advantage, also built a monument for the company again, and make unremitting efforts.






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Sauna equipment guangdong sauna sauna equipment | equipment | | guangzhou | guangzhou | Guangzhou Baiyun District of Huangshi CityJane Lok leisure spa spa equipment firm. Address: guangzhou city Yellowstone road no. 188 is perfect international decoration materials city B81 telephone: 17770822688